Gareth’s Dinosaur Mania

Hashtag Events was asked to help a friend with their little boy’s 3rd birthday. Instead of doing the traditional platters we did a party table of goodies including sweet and savoury treats to match the Dinosaur theme including: 

  • Dino Lava (Red chips) 
  • Dino Jelly (Green jelly) 
  • For the Carnivores (Mini beef hamburgers) 
  • For the Herbivores (Cups of carrots, cucumber and celery) 
  • Dino Poop (Chocolate balls)
  • Pterodactyl Nests (Rice krispie treats with eggs) 
  • Chicken Nuggets 

Please share our photos and use for inspiration! 

Contact us for the printable labels and tags or book us to plan your little one’s party! 

Dinosaurs Sweet Table


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